Thursday, 26 May 2011

I am part of a lost generation...

I learnt how to make coleslaw the other day

I am part of a lost generation. I am lost. My friends are lost. What are we to do in this time? My dream job.....a full time artist....or work in a gallery....basically to be surrounded by art, circulating daily round my head. But, i am poor. I want to make big beautiful paintings, but i dont want to ruin my flat (my boyfriend will tell me off, i have only just got him to stop talking about the wax that i dripped all over the carpet) and my land lord will charge me!!! i dont know the right people in the right places. NoW!!!! I am not woe is just a little bit lost. And always have been. I made a big mistake at uni and didn't go in search for work experience through uni....i partied. and partied. and partied. I am a bit of a divy. But, this is something i am faced with more and more. I hope my beautiful wonderful friends don't mind me speaking of them, but we are a sort of a lost generation....Have and are we working hard enough to make our dreams come true? NO! we get drunk. And wake up and think, im lost. I want to document bits and bobs that I feel are magic in my eyes.

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  1. yeah man. totally- i feel just the same- i feel like no matter what i do i end up in the same place! xx