Thursday, 20 January 2011

A manic old lady.... I have used ink for this image...i like the bleeding effect that ink has on the canvas. 

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hello spock..
I have continued working on the self portrait, but i have also started on an image on my nan, joan.I am totally obsessed with the process of getting older, and how...nobody wants too! Everywhere i look there are anti wrinkle advertisements, we are not allowed to get old! However, the photo that i worked from was ten billion time more interesting to look at and work from that images of the faces we see in magazines every day. Of coarse i don't want to get wrinkles, and i think this is what i really want to focus on. How the face changes, and we have no control (although i have heard wine adds wrinkles...i refuse to hear it!!!) I want to be immortal, and everyone i know to be, i want it to be a world of fantasy where we make the decisions of everything. Lets have a glittery sky tonight! and bubbles in our belly....

I got lost for a couple of days and decided to keep a kind of diary via spots and words and things that circulate my mind obsessively...
Self portraits 

So, this is my first ever blog! and i already feel like a bit of a i'm speaking to myself. But hopefully it will encourage me to progress with my painting as i now have 6 weeks and counting until my first solo show. Friends, follow me!!! Now i feel like i'm ripping off Danny wallace, but no.......keep an eye on my work and if you have any ideas or anything please feel free to let me know. Don't be too horrid, i don't want to cry. I dont know why this is now underlined!

I going to basically speak about the work, i think thats what you do on these things..... follow me and my art work.