Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I have continued working on the self portrait, but i have also started on an image on my nan, joan.I am totally obsessed with the process of getting older, and how...nobody wants too! Everywhere i look there are anti wrinkle advertisements, we are not allowed to get old! However, the photo that i worked from was ten billion time more interesting to look at and work from that images of the faces we see in magazines every day. Of coarse i don't want to get wrinkles, and i think this is what i really want to focus on. How the face changes, and we have no control (although i have heard wine adds wrinkles...i refuse to hear it!!!) I want to be immortal, and everyone i know to be, i want it to be a world of fantasy where we make the decisions of everything. Lets have a glittery sky tonight! and bubbles in our belly....

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